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Fake Paradise

yet another
rock'n'roll band?


Fake Paradise is a German alternative (?) rock band from the island Sylt, that we, meaning
» Torsten Farrenberg (guitar & voice),
» Markus Gieppner (bass & voice) and
» Michael "Pofie" Pohl (drums),
formed in summer 2006, after playing together in different formations for about a quarter of a century... at least it feels like it - and it still feels great!

In 2009, after a two years travel-break, Fake Paradise got back together again, now joined by the Brazilian musician
» Artur von Borris (guitar & voice)

We mainly -but not exclusively- play our own songs, whereby we are not locked into a specific style. Well, it's just modern rockmusic with guts & soul, sometimes harder, sometimes softer, here lyrics in German and then again in English and then in Portuguese... a welcome space for experiments.

After all: All that matters that it's fun and the audience (and ourselves) like it! »

music & downloads


Coming fall we are going to do some recordings; until then here some video samples from an open-air gig a few years ago at the season-end-party of the life guards of the island.

The sound quality is lousy and here and there things go slightly wrong, but hey! it's live. The recordings were made with a simple camcorder and not mixed, the wind blows into the microphone and one or another guest babbles in the background. Still: Enjoy it!

The CD with the entire performance can be ordered for 9,50 Euro / $15 (payment via PayPal). Just click here hier and give us your address. »



Fake Paradise
c/o Markus Gieppner
Fischerweg 35a
25980 Westerland / Sylt
Tel. +49 175 2099960



It goes without saying: The recordings/downloads are exclusively for PRIVATE and NON-COMMERCIAL use! The FBI, CIA, NSA, PET, BKA, MAD, TSW and the recording industry will get you!
Reprint, duplication or reproduction is only allowed with our explicit consent

© Fake Paradise - Farrenberg, Gieppner, Pohl 2007 »

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